Mark Fuszard
“My first experience with Bowen was when I asked Ally to take a look at an achilles problem I had developed through running. While I was being treated I mentioned that I had an ongoing upper back/neck problem that I had developed through running with backpacks but mainly due to the continuous wearing of a flying helmet used in my role as an Air Ambulance Paramedic. I had suffered with pain in these areas for several years which had seen only a mild relief from physiotherapists. After my first session of Bowen I noticed an improvement in my achilles but a more noticeable reduction of pain in my neck and back. Ally continued the Bowen technique for several sessions over the next few weeks which resulted in a huge improvement to my achilles tendon problem but the pain in my back and back had disappeared and has since not returned after several months – I’m amazed at how good this treatment is! I cannot thank Ally enough and thoroughly recommend this form of therapy.”.

Mark Fuszard, Cornwall Air Ambulance Paramedic

“Having a Bowen treatment with Ally is the nicest treat I can give myself! Not only has it helped heal a sprain in my knee, the process is so relaxing and in a wonderful calm environment. Ally not only looks at specific problem areas but treats and looks after the whole body – a great experience I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend!”

Jennifer Harvey, Instructor with Oceanflow Yoga, Newquay

Having Bowen Therapy with Ally is absolutely fantastic. I love how such subtle movements can have such a positive effect on the body. Ally has such positive energy and makes you feel totally at ease from the moment you step into her treatment space. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone”.

Tom ‘Stretch’ Harvey, Instructor with Oceanflow Yoga, Newquay

Richard Smith
“I would like to say despite initial scepticism, I have visited Ally Randle on several occasions for Bowen treatment on initially my back, neck and secondly for my knee.

On every occasion I was treated professionally and each stage was explained to me.

I felt the benefit after each treatment and would recommend the Bowen Technique from Ally to anyone with on-going ot short-term physical discomfort”.

Mr. Richard Smith, General Manager, Flambards Theme Park, Cornwall

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“Having chronic fatigue syndrome means lots of aches and pains through out the whole of my body. I had never heard of Bowen therapy until Ally began her training and I was not convinced it would work. However she convinced me that it might help with the aches and pains in my muscles and tissue. My first session totally wiped me of all my energy, which is also an effect of my condition, but it also relieved me of a lot of the pain I was in. each session I had was less draining on my energy level until I actually felt energised after a treatment. I have found pains in my back, knees and feet in particular have totally disappeared after a session. I would definitely recommend Ally and Bowen therapy to anyone”.

Kieron Martin, Plymouth