Initial Consultation and treatment

Please allow approximately 1 ¼ hours.  During your initial consultation a full history and body assessment will be carried out.  This will ensure that your treatment is tailored to aid your particular aliments and a means of monitoring any postural changes.

Subsequent treatments

Subsequent treatments will take approximately 45-60 minutes.

Generally 2-3 treatments, spaced 5-7 days apart should be adequate for a positive outcome, although changes and reduction in pain are often felt following the very first session. New injuries usually respond quickly whilst long term problems can take longer and require more treatments.


As to not disturb the delicate self healing process that Bowen initiates and to receive maximum benefits, it is advised to avoid any other therapies whilst receiving the Bowen Fascial Release Technique, ie, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage and acupuncture.
Post treatment guidance and suggestions, which may include gentle exercises, will be offered to accompany the treatment.


Clients are reminded that the treatment can be applied through light comfortable clothing, for example, T-shirt, shorts, light tracksuit bottoms or leggings. It is not necessary to undress. Please arrive dressed accordingly or bring clothing that you can change in to.